Q: Do I need to create a profile to be able to use the APP?


A: No you don’t. To access the MY ACCOUNT you will need to be registered at the moment of purchase, but otherwise you may browse the APP freely without registering.

Q: How do I register my new product using the APP?

A: When you buy a bag from us (or from an authorised re-seller), your bag ownership will be registered (but only if you choose to do so) by the seller. 


Q: Do I have to register my product using the APP?

A: No, it’s not required. You can enjoy the goods just by simply owning them.


Q: Does it cost something to register my product?

Q: Does it cost something to register my product


Q: What should I do in case I forget my password?


Q: Can I change the ownership of a product using the APP?


Q: What do I do if my product gets lost or stolen?


Q: Can I trace my stolen bag via the App?

A: No, using the APP and registering a new product is completely free.

A: The seller will create you profile at the time of purchase.

A: If you forget your password there is link at www.finncode.com to recover it.


A: Yes, under MY GOODS you’ll find the list of items that you own, and you may change the owner of those products by clicking TRANSFER OWNERSHIP.

A: Under MY GOODS you can report your product stolen by clicking the button.


A: There is no “live” tracing capability at the moment. However, if someone tries to read or tamper with the tag it can be traced to that phone. Also, if someone in the future tries to buy your stolen bag, its origin can be verified.